Colours Available

Our Superior hair has a lifespan of approx 12 months plus
Our Luxury hair has a lifespan of approx 3 – 5 months +
With the correct aftercare!

We stock some mixed colours > 60/18, 613/18, 60/27, 613/27, 18/22, 10/16/60 and 10/16/613.  

Our colour ring usually matches the hair extensions exactly but occasionally the extensions can be a slight (very unnoticeable) shade off. The hair will still have the same tones meaning it will still match the clients hair.
Please note opened hair can not be returned. Weights and lengths are approx.

The ‘Crazy Colours’ may be custom made as we stock a low quantity of these colours. 
These colours are 30, 33, 350, 530, grey, green, red, blue, violet, bug, turkis, pink, rosa, 99j, lila, 33d, yellow, orange, 144 & 130.

Please contact us before ordering to check stock.

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