Provides length & thickness with no damage to clients own hair.

We would recommend a consultation with a professional hair extensionist.

We offer two grades of hair, Russian and Indian.
The tips we offer are I tips, U tips, Nano tips, Weft, Tape. Clip ins and Micro Loops.

We would not recommend colouring the extensions, there are so many different brands which have different chemicals. Some chemicals can cause damage or dryness to the hair. We have clients who colour and tone the hair with amazing results however I would recommend testing a few strands first.

professional will be able to advise the best method to suit your hair.

We need to have a few inches length to ensure a secure fitting and able to blend.

Be honest with your stylist about what you want to achieve. Your stylist will advise on the different methods and also advise you on the aftercare requirements.

This will depend of the method you are going for, and on your hair type. Average 2/3 hours.

Correct after care products need to be used on the hair.
Hair needs to be carefully brushed and secured at night to Ensure no matting is caused.
Always follow the professial advise from your stylist.

To get the best life spa from your extensions and to keep your own hair and the extensions in the best condition.

Our indian hair will last 6 months with the correct after care and the Russian is 9-12 months

These are removed by a professional hair dresser.

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